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Safe Way to Treat Pain and Degenerative Conditions

Center for Vital Health in Colorado Springs, Colorado, offers prolotherapy or “prolo,” a safe, cost-effective injury and joint pain treatment, as well as a degenerative condition treatment. Instead of steroids, it uses natural solutions injected at the sight of pain to stimulate new tissue growth. It triggers the body's natural healing response by re-injuring the tissue and activating acute inflammation, which encourages new cell growth and wound healing. It treats any joint pain, such as:

Arthritis -Tendinitis – Bursitis – Plantar Fasciitis – Osteoarthritis


Difference from Cortisone Injections

Cortisone injections reduce acute and chronic inflammation and can give temporary relief. However, its long-term side effects can cause tissue breakdown and ultimately damage joints. Prolotherapy initially inflames the joint, but ultimately decreases pain, strengthens the joint, and reverses degeneration.

Proven Safe and Effective

Prolo has been successfully performed since the late 1890s. It is a scientifically proven treatment for chronic injuries and degenerative conditions at the source of pain.

Fast Healing Time

Healing time differs from one patient to another, but typically, it takes 2-4 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart. After treatment, within 2-3 days, the majority of the inflammation is gone. Any remaining stiffness, aching, or weakness you may feel generally resolves in 10-14 days.

People Who Should and Should Not Get Prolo

Prolo is great for patients who have chronic pain; those who have tried other treatments like massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture, but without long-term results; and those who have mild to moderate degeneration. On the other hand, patients who smoke and those with poorly controlled type 1 diabetes should not get Prolo. Please take time to read and fill out our new patient forms.

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Adjusting to Patient’s Reaction

Dr. Harrow is very sensitive to the anxiety or needle phobia that some patients have. She has been described as a "hand holder" because she recognizes that each person has individual needs and addresses them by numbing the area and pre-medicating for anxiety and pain. If needed, she has access to a hypnotherapist.

Certified Osteopathic Physician

A board certified family practice osteopathic physician, Dr. Harrow has been practicing in Colorado since 1996. Since the year 2000, she has been performing Prolotherapy and PRP to treat chronic injuries and pain. She is now one of the most experienced Prolo and PRP doctors in Colorado and is obtaining certification to train other physicians on these techniques and their uses.