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Working with patients to find healing solutions for chronic pain and chronic diseases. ​

Using Prolotherapy and PRP, Dr. Harrow treats chronic pain at its structural source. Prolotherapy strengthens and rebuilds weak ligaments and tendons responsible for joint stability. Through​ Functional Medicine, she addresses the root causes of the imbalances in your body that causes disease. Dr. Harrow teaches lifestyle changes to create more energy, a heathy gut and immune systems to improve overall health.  


No one wants to live in a state of pain and degeneration. You can reverse and slow the process of decline. Modifying lifestyle choices - sleep, diet, exercise, relationships, and stress management can recharge you and prolotherapy can keep your body moving pain free. 

Your consultation with Dr. Mary Harrow,

is all about helping you find your personal path to vitality.

Functional medicine consultations are 1.5 hours to gather a detailed history of events that contributed to your current state of health. Prolotherapy and PRP consultations are a half hour to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. 

"Dr. Harrow is a fantastic practitioner of both the art and the science of prolotherapy. I am delighted to have discovered a nonsurgical treatment that will allow me to prolong my career."

Mike Applebee

“I had whiplash for over eight years in my neck. I couldn’t turn it a certain way for a long period. So when going places with friends I always had to ask them to sit on my left side.

After about four prolotherapy treatments my neck is better! I no longer have to tell people to sit on my left side when I go out.”

Judy Allgeyer

"I went from having to hang onto the bathroom counter just to get my pants on in the morning (in pain) to power walking 4-5 miles per day and going to the gym regularly!"

Kathy Reed

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